ERACLICKS, a program committed to improving the welfare of mothers globally, has planned a three-day ritual program in Gachibowli Athletic Stadium in Hyderabad, Telangana to initiate the Chandi Maha Yagam for the well-being of India. This program involves performing the Chandi Yagam at a single location on a large scale with 108 homakundams and 108 Vedic scholars. Concurrently, 108 couples from across India will participate in the Homam, and each couple will sit at one homakundam. A large number of family members of all these couples who take part in the Homam will also be present and participating in the Maha Yagnam. With the strong mano findia leading the yaga, there is no dearth of VIPs. Approximately 5000 people are expected to witness the yaga on that day, making it one of the biggest private religious rituals ever performed in the country.

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